The Basic Safety Staples For Baby Bedding

Expecting a new little one in your family? What an exciting time it can be as you plan all the details as you prepare this amazing event. An essential part of any nursery is the crib, including the bedding you will use in your new child's crib. Baby Bedding is not used just to be cute, but also serves as highly functional for the safety and comfort of your baby.

Several pieces go together to make up the Baby Bedding you will use every day when your little one arrives. Safety is of the key when you choose bedding and you want to ensure that whatever you buy is labeled with tags that state it is flame retardant. Here are some of the main items you will be using for your baby when your new little one is ready to come home with you from the hospital.

Mattress Cover: The cover is a clear or white plastic cover that is fitted and goes on top of the crib mattress. It protects the mattress from wetness of any sort and ensures your baby will be comfortable should an accident occur.

Crib Sheet: The crib sheet is like a smaller version of the fitted sheets we use on adult beds. It fits snugly around the baby mattress, It is wise to have several sheets on hand for changing. They can be found many times in sets or packages that have three crib sheets together. You will want to wash them before baby comes home in a soft baby-oriented laundry detergent before you use them on the crib.

Bumper: A crib bumper is a good idea to have as it is not only cute but serves an important purpose. It protects your little one from poking through rails or bumping themselves on the side of the crib while sleeping. These tie to the inside of the baby crib easily and are machine washable if needed.

Dust Ruffle: Purely a decorative item, the dust ruffle can complete the aesthetic look to the baby crib area. They come many times in crib sets to match the rest of your decor. It is a nice added touch to the complete look.

Blankets: A simple thermal blanket is sufficient for a newborn to be swaddled in while they sleep. Another blanket can be added if it is cold, but you do not want to overheat your newborn. Some sets come with heavier blankets or crib-sized comforters. They are pretty, but often not needed and can drape over the side of the crib or hung on the wall for a decoration.

Additional items such as a prop wedge can also work well in the crib. These wedges help baby stay propped when sleeping so they do not roll onto their back or stomach. Other items such as a soft music attachment can be nice for baby to fall asleep to.

All of these together will make a perfect area for your new little one so they relax and rest in comfort. Always remember safety, as well as cuteness, in your decision making. Baby bedding is fun to pick out as you anticipate all that is included in having a new little one.|These are the essentials of the bedding that you will need for baby. Have fun choosing the many pieces you will use in your child's crib and set up the perfect area for your new little one. Check stores or online for great deals and decorating ideas.|All together these items will make up the baby bedding you will use on a daily basis when you new little one arrives home. You can find great priced bedding in sets for affordable prices in many stores or online in your area. Have fun choosing the perfect bedding for your new baby.

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