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EZ Care Online

EZ Care Online

Hi. I’m Carla Snuggs, Daycare feature writer for and a reviewer for Child Care Software Store dot com.

In this video I am going to take you on a quick tour of EZ Care Online, a web-based child care center management and accounts receivables software developed by Softerware, Inc. This software is a great tool for child care businesses, daycare centers, and preschools as it helps them save time and money and become more efficient. [Read more →]

EZ-Care 2


Hi I'm Carla Snuggs, Daycare Feature Writer for and a reviewer for Child Care Software Store dot com. Today I'm going to take you on a tour of EZ-Care 2, developed by SofterWare, Inc. This outstanding, comprehensive childcare management software is perfect for recordkeeping, billing, accounting, and a host of other functions related to the business of childcare. [Read more →]

Daycare Manager Pro

Daycare Manager Pro

This daycare software manages most of your basic daycare business stuff like billing and attendance. And at 50 bucks it’s probably about the most inexpensive daycare software on the market.

Try Daycare Manager Pro Risk Free. [

How Long Should You Save Your Records

Home daycare businesses must practice not only good record keeping, but appropriate record retention.  Holding on to clutter is never a good thing. However, if a business discards its records too soon and gets audited by the Internal Revenue Service, it could prove to be a very expensive mistake. How long should a daycare business hold on to records? [Read more →]

How to Find Excellent Day Care

As a working parent, choosing who will care for your child when you are at work is one of the most important decisions you will make. These steps will help you find a child care provider you can trust. [Read more →]

Addressing Problems at Preschool or Daycare

When your child has problems at preschool or daycare, it's normal to be concerned. Dealing with these problems in an objective and compassionate way not only helps develop a positive solution to the problem at hand but also can help your child avoid problems in the future. Here are five proven steps you can follow to document, report and follow-up on problems involving your child. [Read more →]

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Daycare Center

You've taken the leap of faith and decided your going to open your own family daycare center. You start thinking about where you're going to have your daycare, and how it's going to be arranged and what toys you are going to have.

But one thing you may not have thought about is, "how am I going to get kids?" Well, I'm here to tell you don't worry. I really believe that there are a lot of families out there looking for childcare. Especially good childcare. [Read more →]

The Secret to Getting More Clients

Sooner or later, at some point in the business development cycle, every business owner asks themselves the following question:

How can I attract more clients who will bring me more profits? [Read more →]