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Hi. I’m Carla Snuggs, daycare topic editor and writer for and a reviewer for

I am going to take you on a tour of Procare Software, a daycare management software program. This software allows childcare businesses to effectively manage families, employees, vendors, and accounting information.

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Procare Software offers a variety of modules so that childcare providers can select the components of the software that will best benefit their business needs.

Family Data Module

The family data module is the central module and serves as a virtual filing cabinet. This is where you can store all registration information.  This is where you enter all of the registration information in the form of family records. It is pretty simple and straightforward.  Data such as client name, address, child’s name, emergency contacts, allergies, immunizations, and authorized pickup can be entered. You also can search for family records by name, address, phone number, or email address. It’s all highly organized which allows for efficient retrieval of reports and billing functions.

Directly from the family’s records, you can access information such as enrollment, child schedule exceptions, immunization history and requirements, the child’s time card, the family’s billing box, log sheets, documents, and meal tracker. In the top right hand corner, you can see any alerts that are applicable to the family.

There are modules you can add on to the family data module. These include family accounting, tuition express, agency accounting, meal tracker, and attendance tracking. You can also purchase employee data, payroll, and an accounts payable general ledger separately.


There is a dashboard that allows you to get an overview of specific family data at a glance such as classroom children counts, teacher-student ratio counts, and the number of kids and employees that are checked in. It also allows you to track the children who have recently checked out, revenue totals for the week, month or year, and birthdays.


The reports function of Procare Software in each module helps create and organize vital business information.  You can create customizable reports for each customer and this really helps your businesses run more effectively.

Family Accounting

Family accounting is a module that can be added on to the family data module. Here you can track charges, payments and billing for families. It also allows you to create financial reports as well as statements and receipts for the families you serve. It also helps you calculate late fees with ease. The best part of the family accounting modules that there is a one-step auto-billing function and that you can email statements which is an incredibly convenient feature. I also like that you can split billing for children with dual households.

Tuition Express

Tuition Express is another Procare Software module add-on that allows for customer payment processing. It allows you to collect and record payments automatically and updates the family’s ledger. It does this all electronically, collecting tuition fees directly from the family’s bank or credit card or through point of sale with a swipe card reader. This saves time and money because there are no more returned checks to deal with. Parents can also log in and view their payment history.

Agency Accounting Module

The agency accounting module helps you manage fees and contracts for families who receive subsides. This feature is so important because it helps you to separate third party billing from agencies and parent co-pays and then apply those payments directly to the clients invoice. Agency payment posting saves time and provides a more accurate way of determining payments due.

Meal Tracker

The meal tracker module creates menus and calculates meals served. The meal tracker is a life saver because it tracks child food program status as well as your reimbursement rate. It can create reports of the number of meals served and claimed. The meal tracker also helps you manage meal times and allows you to create menus that you can print out for parents which they will appreciate.

Attendance Tracker

The attendance tracker in Procare Software helps daycare providers record the time and attendance for both children and staff. Attendance tracker assigns a unique ID code for authorized pick-up and allows you to record who picks up and drops off children. I like that parents and staff can view balances, messages, schedules, and immunizations schedules.

Employee Data

Procare Software’s employee data module helps childcare providers maintain employee data. It helps them keep track of employees’ hours worked, time spent in training, vacation time, and sick time. You can also track benefit hours and training. It is easy to create reports like employee schedules, earnings, and withholdings summaries. You can also track employee immunizations. This helps manage immunization summaries and reminders. It keeps children safe and your business stay compliant with state laws.

Payroll Module

With the payroll module you can calculate and print payroll checks. Procare Software calculates payroll whether it is salary or hourly pay. Printing checks is really simple. You can create batches of payroll checks, time cards, and receipts with a click of a few buttons, which saves tons of time. Procare Software calculates tax and withholdings and allows for W2 printing.

Expenses and Ledger Module

The expenses and ledger module maintains the general ledger. It allows you to keep track of assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses. This makes the accounting functions of childcare businesses much easier. You can keep track of vendors and their payment term and print out vendor reports and create vendor log notes.  You can also reconcile checks posted in Procare Software against your bank statement which lets you know which checks have cleared. This helps daycare businesses stay within their budgets and as well stay on top of all of their financial information.

What I like about Procare Software is…

  • The software is very simple to navigate because the interface is very user friendly. If you ever get confused, you can easily click on the blue question mark in the upper right hand corner which is on every screen. This takes you directly to Procare Software support so that you can find the information you need.
  • I like that each module has a report function, making it super easy to create a wide variety of customizable reports depending on your needs. Records are very easy to sort and retrieve and print out. Childcare businesses have multiple age ranges, pay rates, classrooms, and family structures. Procare Software easily accommodates all sorts of variables that childcare business owners encounter.
  • I love that daycare businesses aren’t required to purchase all of the modules and can customize the software to purchase the modules that meet their needs and budget.
  • You can upload photos of clients (children and parents) and this helps personalize your records and keeps children in your care safe.
  • I appreciate that Procare Software does a great job of managing 3rd party agencies and tracking food program status since the paperwork from these programs can be daunting without childcare software.
  • And finally I like that Procare Software provides excellent customer support and free learning tools, which is an important when purchasing business software.  Also appreciate that they are a reliable and experienced as they have been in the child care management software business since 1984.


There weren’t many drawbacks to the software but….

While the wide variety of features of Procare Software are beneficial, keeping up every single one of them can be challenging. Fortunately, Procare Software has an online learning center with guides, videos, webinars and forums. They also provide free in-house tech support as well as low cost private online training sessions.


Procare Software is extremely comprehensive and allows childcare professionals to easily manage most aspects of their business. I like that Procare Software is flexible and provides you with a variety of modules that you can customize to meet your financial needs.  The software helps you save money and time as it helps your businesses become more efficient.  I would purchase several, if not all, of the modules of Procare Software for my family daycare business or child care center.'s Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Hi, This is Michelle from Procare Software. Thank you, Carla, for your positive review of Procare Software. If you or anyone else has any questions about the uses of Procare in child care centers, we would be happy to chat with you.

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