Information For When Your Baby Is Getting Ready To Eat Solid Meals

About age six months your baby will be ready to eat solid food.  This is when your baby's mouth has changes and it will now be able to manage swallowing the food.  Another good way to tell if your baby is ready is when your baby has reached double its birth weight.  If however, you feed your baby solid food prior to this then your baby may have a hard time to digest the food.

You will need a few things before you start feeding your baby solid food like bibs, a bowl and spoon that is not breakable, and a food processor will come in handy.

The initial solid food to try is baby rice, it is low in protein and it is not likely to cause any allergic reaction.  Mix the rice with breast milk or formula and mix it thin so it will be easy for your baby to swallow.  When you baby has gotten used to the rice cereal there are other cereals that you can try, then try mixing it with some vegetables.  Vegetables before the fruit because your baby may not like the vegetables after trying the fruit.

Any dairy made from cows milk needs to be avoided until your baby is one year old.  When your baby has had cows milk for more then a month you could try other dairy products.  It is best to put your baby on solid food gradually do not be in a hurry wait at least twenty four hours before you introduce a new food, this is to be sure that your baby is not having any reaction.

Remember that you should let your baby be in charge.  You'll be informed by your baby whether or not it needs a top up or if they are still hungry.

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