How to Create a Daycare Emergency Plan

by Carla Snuggs

When it comes to child care, nothing is more important than the well being and safety of the children in your care. It is extremely important to have an emergency plan in place in home daycare businesses.

A basic childcare emergency plan should include the following elements:

Childcare Business Information
This should include the name, address and phone number of the child care business. It should also include home insurance agency information including the agent’s name and phone number along with details of the coverage you receive.  If the business is licensed, the licensing county and licensing worker’s information should be included. Here is where you should also describe your backup plan for business records.

Emergency Phone Numbers
This section should list numbers for:

  • Fire, ambulance, and police (911) as well as the number for the administrative office for your local police.
  • Public utilities (gas, electricity, and water) along with their 24-hour emergency numbers
  • Emergency management agencies
  • Referral numbers for other emergency  related organizations such as crime victim services and the poison control center

Parent Contact List
Create a contact list for each child that includes the child’s name, date of birth, and any special needs or medications. Also include the contact information for his or her parent or guardian along with and any other adults listed as emergency contacts for the child.

Also, for each child, include an Emergency Consent Form which has been completed and signed by the child’s parent or guardian. This form gives consent to emergency medical care when the parent is not available to provide formal consent.

Emergency Supply List
This list contains the emergency supplies that should be kept in the childcare facility, the car, and in the shelter area of the facility. Among the usual emergency supplies, always keep a copy of the emergency plan, updated parent contact info, a first aid kit, and a working flashlight.

Provider Emergency Training Log and Emergency Practice Plan
The training log should detail first aid and CPR training dates and the name of the trainer. Your emergency plan should also state your plan for emergency practice (drills).

Child Care Emergency Plan for Parents
Each parent should receive a child care emergency plan which provides:

  • Provider name , address, and phone number
  • Where the class will meet  if it must evacuate along with two alternate locations
  • Where the inside shelter of the home or facility is located
  • Plan/policy for if the child is sick
  • Plan/policy if the provider is sick

For complete emergency planning, prevent and prepare. Take measures to reduce the threat of disaster.  This means ensuring proper maintenance of the facility as well as training staff members. In addition to having a child care center emergency plan in place, prepare for emergencies by maintaining appropriate emergency supplies and regularly performing emergency drills.

About the Author

Carla Snuggs is a freelance writer from Southern California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer Science with an emphasis in child development and also holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree.

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