How do toys affect kids in different generations?

Each Christmas that I visit toy shops, I come across new toys and inventions that no one of my generation would have ever imagined in the 80s.

There's no way I can think of my childhood without visualising all those great games I was sharing outdoors, during the spring and summer, with all the other kids in my neighbourhood.

While I was playing war games with my schoolmates, my grandparents' generation did not have many toys to play as their childhood coincided with the second world war, thus that generation became adults much faster after all that took non-sense that took place in Europe.

Outdoors play today is undermined by the extensive use of video games and game consoles as the whole lifestyle has changed and playing outdoors is becoming less and less popular.

Nevertheless, what I can certainly admit is how impressive all modern toys are with their bright colours, cutting-edge design and multi-functional use.

If today's toys were still manufactured in the UK they would cost a fortune and probably some of the previous generation's ones would still be in production.

Many parents are concerned about the benefits of most modern toys as they do not seem to engage their kids for longer than a couple of hours before they end up in the nearby charity shop.

A today's automatic blaster would cost a fortune 30 years ago while it would be unthinkable 50 years ago due to its high manufacturing cost.

In the developing countries possessing a handmade kite would require a lot of involvement; creativity and effort while in the UK kids can purchase one with the minimum effort.

Today's toys are just about what the consumer thinks when looking at them: impressive, colourful, bulky, noisy, and sometimes incredibly 'smart', so they do not leave many opportunities for the kids to explore something new or use their imaginations.

Would today's kids remember their outdoor toys more than their PS3 video games heroes when they will be adults?

Only time will tell what an impact modern toys will have on our children's personalities.

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One Response to “How do toys affect kids in different generations?”

  1. Some toys are cross generational and will certainly last the sands of time. Things like LEGO and Meccano/Erector set are just as popular today as they were when I was growing up. It always brings a smile to my face when I see one of my munchkins playing with the same toys I had as a child. 🙂

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