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In this video I am going to take you on a tour of Guardian Care, a software program for daycare providers. It is a national online database that provides information about how families pay their childcare bills. This allows you to make a sound decision before accepting a family into your daycare as well as add families to the database if they become delinquent.

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Here are some of the key functions of the software:

Reports Function:

Clicking on the reports tab allows you to see a list of current delinquent clients that you have reported.  Once you get to the list, you can view the client’s record or edit the record. The client’s records show the reason for the report, the date of the contract, the date of the delinquency, whether or not the delinquency has been resolved, and the amount owed. Click on the edit button to change or update information about the client and then save the information.

Under the reports function, you can list all reports, add new reports and search for reports.

Add New Reports

Click on the “add new reports” button to add a family to the national database. It’s very simple, just add the client’s personal information, and then all of the information about the delinquency, such as the contract date, the date the delinquency began, the amount owed, and the reason they are being reported and then click “create report”.

Search Reports:

The search function allows daycare providers to search the payment history of a potential client. This function also allows you to track down and collect old payments from past clients.  All you do is put in the client’s last name and the date of birth or social security number.  You can also filter the results by phone number, email or state. Then click “search reports”.

Edit Profile:
You can also edit your own profile and payment information online. Click on Edit Profile to edit your information. Click on Payment Profile to edit your billing information.

What I like best about Guardian Care:

  • First of all, there is a free 14-day trial which is helpful for those who are truly interested in the product but want to try it out first. This comes in handy if you’re unsure of whether or not you want to invest in Guardian Care. Also, Guardian Care is affordable. When you become a member, there are no contracts, so you can end your membership at any time. You can pay as you go (to use the software just once), pay monthly, or pay annually.
  • I love that it is web-based which means there is nothing to wait for to download and you don’t have to wait for software to arrive in the mail. You get instant access once you’re a member. It also means you can access the software from any computer, 24 hours per day.
  • The Guardian Care user interface is very easy to use and extremely intuitive. Entering and editing data is simple. When you hover over a button it displays its function. I love that you can print the reports. So this is straight forward and easy breezy software.
  • I like that parents can get a copy of their report if they are declined due to information found in the report. They also have a chance to dispute information in the report. Once the delinquent accounts are taken care of, the report will be updated and marked as paid.
  • Very important – tech support. Guardian Care offers free tech support if you have any problems or need more information about using the software.
  • Also, Guardian Care provides assistance to help you collect those debts. Through their sister company, IBG, you can get assistance with recovering funds from delinquent families.

I would definitely recommend Guardian Care because it truly safeguards your business. In the past, it was almost impossible to pre-screen a client to determine if they were a risk, but with this software, you can make an informed decision and take the guesswork out of screening a client. You’re also helping other child care providers. If you have had financial problems with a client, you know that it can be stressful, so you’re sparing others from the exact same problem. So this software is definitely worth buying because it truly gives daycare providers the power to make wise decisions and helps them protect their businesses.'s Rating: ★★★★★

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