Five Disasters Your Daycare Isn’t Prepared For

And How One Simple Tool Could Save You, Your Business and the Children in Your Care

Your daycare business should provide a safe, nurturing environment for young children. As a daycare business owner, even though you may take great pride in providing quality care, there are situations that are beyond your control.  Accidents and disasters that occur at daycare can be devastating to your daycare business.  Unexpected tragedies can lead to lawsuits as well as a bad reputation for daycare business.

There are some disasters that your daycare may not be prepared for:

  1. Abductions: Daycare abductions are a common threat to daycare business. While you can do your best to make sure that only those authorized to pick up the children in your care do so, it is possible that a child may leave with an unauthorized adult.
  2. Neglect or abuse: There are news stories of daycare abuse every day.  Even though you may have properly screened employees, you may receive a shocking report that a child in your care is being abused or neglected.
  3. Robberies:  At any given time, daycare businesses can be robbed of supplies or cash; whether the daycare is open or closed. Recently, three men robbed an overnight cleanup crew at a daycare center in Memphis.
  4. Injuries and accidents: Accidents can happen at any time in daycare. Small children may be involved in playground injuries, accidental poisoning, fights and biting among children, seizures, and slips and falls.
  5. Arson and vandalism: Daycare centers are just as vulnerable to arson and vandalism as any other business.

How Video Monitoring Systems Can Save your Daycare Business

One simple tool can be instrumental in saving you, your business, and the children you care for: Video monitoring equipment.  Your daycare business can now employ a video monitoring system which provides you, your administrators, and parents with real-time, secure viewing of children at your daycare from any location through video access over the Internet.

A video monitoring system can:

  • Increase enrollment by increasing customer satisfaction: Parents feel safe when they can check in on their child at any time. Parents feel confident and secure about your childcare business and will refer others. This safety feature (the ability to watch your child live over the internet) is proven to attract more clients and keeps children safe.
  • Protect the children and employees in your care: There is no better way to keep track of children, employees, and the daycare center itself. Video monitoring systems protect children by capturing or deterring abduction, abuse, robberies, injuries, and vandalism. They also provide evidence to help you avoid lengthy investigations in the case that the daycare center staff was not at fault.
  • Enhance staff performance: When staff knows that they are being observed, their level of performance increases. Also, you can review their taped performances with employees so they can recognize areas where they need improvement.
  • Increase productivity: Employees don’t have to waste time taking as many phone calls from parents since they can check on their child through the web rather than call. Staff can focus on nurturing and caring for the children.
  • Give you the peace of mind that comes from being able to monitor your business while you are near or far.

A video monitoring system is an excellent investment that can ensure your safety and the safety of those in your care. There is no better protection from the threats that can harm your daycare business.

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