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Hi I'm Carla Snuggs, Daycare Feature Writer for Suite101.com and a reviewer for Child Care Software Store dot com. Today I'm going to take you on a tour of EZ-Care 2, developed by SofterWare, Inc. This outstanding, comprehensive childcare management software is perfect for recordkeeping, billing, accounting, and a host of other functions related to the business of childcare.

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Let's begin by taking a look at the main features of the software:

The software is organized using file cabinets and drawers within the cabinets. Users can create cabinets, and change or create drawers and fields as necessary.

  • The Center drawer is where the main business information is stored including, classes, immunization records and schedules, and hours of operation.
  • The Family drawer is the main component of the software.   You can easily find family records through the pull-down menus or type in the first few letters of the client's last name.
  • The Child tab maintains all of the information that you would like to maintain on the child and all of the fields and forms are customizable. You can attach forms to the child's record in various formats such as PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc. On each child record you will notice super-field buttons for Contacts, Checklists, and Notes. This keeps the records uncluttered but still allows you to access a vast amount of relational linked information. For example, clicking on the Contacts super-field opens all of the contact information and allows you to quickly enter, view, or edit data.
  • The Ledger tab holds accounts receivable and billing functions. This allows you to track all charges and payments for a family. Here you can also make batch postings of tuition.  The tuition template saves a great deal of time. You can establish fees and cycles as it applies to a particular child. You can send out timely reminders and make one click payments online.  EZ-CARE2's payment processing suite allows users to pay using preauthorized recurring payments (EFT), a virtual Terminal (INSTA-Charge) which allows real-time payments, or click to pay. Using click to pay, parents can pay bills online from a link in an email using Smartlink Technology. This not only helps increase your business' efficiency but minimizes data entry for the client. Payments are automatically entered into the ledger.
  • The Schedule tab allows you to keep track of recurring and projected schedules. Clicking on Contracted allows you to see a “calendarized” view of the schedule.
  • Clicking the Actual tab lets you easily bill for extra time, or any other extra charges, thereby improving financial performance.

Users can populate up to 9 pages for each family. This allows users to track more data on its clients as necessary.

Staff Drawer:

EZ-CARE2 provides reporting tools which allows you to keep track of staff schedules and training.  All of these tools help manage staff effectively and efficiently

Report Writer

The Report Writer is an excellent, time saving, organizational feature of EZ-CARE2. Click on the Reports button and, depending upon the screen you are on, you have the capability to create system reports or customized system reports based on your needs. For example, if you are in the Schedule Tab and click on Reports, all reports related to schedules and attendance will appear. You can then create, modify, print the report or export the report to another program.

There are a few things that set EZ-CARE2 apart from other childcare software:

  • Integration: With its ability to merge data, EZ-CARE2 helps childcare business save loads of time. Insta-merge allows EZ-CARE2 users to consolidate, import, or export data using popular applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and QuickBooks, as well their own accounting modules. You can create templates like pre-printed application forms and also print or email them.
  • Fully customizable and adaptable: EZ-CARE2 allows users to use their own unique forms and each field within the forms is fully controllable and adjustable to the individual needs of the business.
  • Flexibility:  Users can add or remove software modules as necessary to fit their business' needs.
  • Versatility: The software also is useful for school-age childcare programs, summer camp programs, church programs, and hospital childcare programs. It is also especially useful for programs with seasonal schedules.
  • Simplicity and ease of use: EZ-CARE2 is based on an easily identifiable office paradigm (cabinets and drawers). Its interface is user-friendly from start to finish, colorful, straightforward and intuitive.
  • EZ-CARE 2 allows users to generate broadcast phone notification as well as broadcast a wide range of correspondence such as newsletters and notices. This helps facilitate parent communication which is so important for childcare businesses.
  • Quality of Support:  EZ-CARE 2 offers live training, virtual classes, remote support, e-tips, online resources, manuals, push content, and customer forums.
  • Reliability:  SofterWare, Inc. has 20 years of experience servicing this particular marketplace. They have an outstanding track record along with the insight to continually invest in the product and thoroughly understand its user.

One drawback is that it is a tad pricey in comparison to other software. However, even taking into account the cost differential, the software is indeed affordable because it pays for itself fairly quickly due to the time and money your childcare business saves. I also believe that you get what you pay for. You could pay less for childcare management software, but it would probably pale somewhat in comparison to EZ-CARE2.  SofterWare Inc.'s attention to detail along with the software's time saving and customizable features helps this software excel above the rest.


EZ-CARE2 software is, on the whole, definitely worth purchasing. With its outstanding integration features EZ-CARE2 increases the speed at which users can perform common tasks, thus increasing a childcare business' efficiency and productivity. The software definitely improves financial performance, helping childcare businesses to manage receivables and significantly increase the timeliness of payments.

ChildcareSoftwareStore.com's Rating: ★★★★★

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