Bathroom Toys

Remember the good old bath times as a child, now the only time I take a bath is if I am in a really bad mood which is more often than not. What are the toys out there that are made just for the bath and the bath alone?

The Rubber Duck

This one is the classic and is a must have for the bath, even the Queen has one you know. The rubber duck was first seen in the late 1800s but they started to become really popular in 1970 when Jim Henson used his character Ernie from Sesame Street to talk to his duck all of the time. The rubber duck is certainly going to be a boring toy for the older children but it is a great first bath toy for the younger ones and you can get ones that squirt water now.

Foam Letters

These are something that are a bit of fun and also great for teaching children their first few words while they are at it. These work by sticking to the tiles on the bathroom wall and also on the bath edges themselves. There are all kinds of crazy things that I did not have when I was a child that are now out to do with this product, roads have been introduced that stick on the tiles, great stuff really.

Crazy Bath Soap

This was also used when I was a child and it is basically shaving foam but more foamy and less irritating. The great thing about this product is that kids will actually just think they are messing around with it by pretending they have beards, putting it under their arms and acting like they have hair (some of the things I used to do) but in actual fact this is soap and it will clean them at the same time!

So there you have it, make sure you first have decent bathrooms to put all of these cool bathroom accessories in. And don't forget to get toilet seats for kids so they don't fall in!

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