How to Write a Review


Before writing your review...

  1. Read the user guide to get a general idea of how to use the software.
  2. Pick out the main features of the software.
  3. Identify the benefits of each of your chosen features.
  4. As you try out the software, make note of things you like and things you think could be improved.

Write out your review beforehand using a conversational style.

  1. Introduce yourself.
    • "Hi, My name's YOUR NAME. I'm a YOUR PROFESSION and a Reviewer for Child Care Software Store dot com.
  2. Introduce the product, who it's made by and some of it's main benefits and features.
    • "In this video I'm going to take you on a tour of SOFTWARE NAME, a daycare management software program developed by SOFTWARE COMPANY. SOFTWARE NAME SOFTWARE BENEFITS / SOFTWARE FEATURES."
  3. Demonstrate 5-10 of the main features of the software and highlight a few of the benefits.
    • "Let's take an inside look at what SOFTWARE NAME can do. We'll start with the... This feature is comes in handy for... OR This feature is a major [time-saver][money-saver]... OR The great thing about this feature is...
  4. Summarize the benefits
    • Is the software intuitive to use? If so, what are the benefits of an intuitive interface?
    • What features do you think will help child care providers run their business more efficiently?
    • How can the software help them save money?
    • What problems can the software help them solve more quickly or avoid altogether?
    • How can the software help them keep their clients and employees happy?
    • How can the software help them keep the children safe and healthy?
    • "One of the things I like most about SOFTWARE NAME is..."
    • "I also found FEATURE to come in very helpful for BENEFIT".
    • "The FEATURE makes it easy to..."
    • "Another thing I like about SOFTWARE NAME is..."
  5. Briefly mention a few of the things that you think could be improved. Try not to be critical. Simply state two or three aspects of the software that you think could have been better.
    • "One of the things that wasn't quite as good as it could have been was FEATURE. I found it (confusing, cumbersome, slow, time consuming, didn't seem to work as I had expected, could have done 'this' or ‘that')".
    • "I also would have liked..."
    • "It would have been nice..."
  6. Summarize your observation of the software. What did it do well? Who would you recommend it to and why?

Record your review. (See "How to Record Video Reviews)."

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