7 Tedious Tasks Your Daycare Should Be Automating

Owning and managing a daycare business involves many monotonous administrative tasks. Instead of being stressed out over mountains of unfinished mind-numbing paperwork, invest in child care software. Software for daycare businesses can automate the following boring tasks, making daycare administration and management extremely efficient, and freeing you up so you have time to tend to other tasks:

  1. Billing and invoicing: Childcare software automatically generates invoices invoice amounts based on child attendance and the rates you have established. Daycare software records and bills for child care and day care tuition charges, as well as fees for supplies and activities, co-payments, and family discounts. These invoices can be sent to clients on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Payment Processing: With the client’s authorization, quality daycare software will automatically process childcare tuition payments using the client’s checking or savings account or credit card information. The software creates and transmits the transactions and then posts the tuition payment directly into your daycare business’ bank account. The software then automatic posts the payments to the client’s ledger. Electronic fee collection not only saves hours in paperwork, but also helps avoid bounced checks and late payments.
  3. Tracking attendance: Many daycare management software systems allow attendance tracking. With attendance tracking parents, employees and authorized pick up persons can sign in and out. This also ties into the billing function as it uses this information to calculate fees. Childcare software also performs attendance analysis, attendance summaries, and class summaries.
  4. Reminder notices: With daycare software there is no need to spend time sending out reminder notices. Reminder notices for birthdays, immunizations, upcoming activities, late payment notices, staff training, low supplies, and required information updates can be sent automatically to both administrators and clients as necessary.
  5. Employee information:  Staff management is time consuming and can be hard to keep up with manually. Childcare software allows daycare business owners and managers to automatically track staff schedules, hours worked, vacation and sick time, training hours, and immunization records. It can also automate daily or weekly reminders for staff as necessary.
  6. Reports: Why compile data and create reports by hand? Most daycare software allows you to create reports attendance reports, absence reports, schedules, enrollment history, statements and email lists, report of fees paid daily total, just to name a few. It is easy to generating reports automatically with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  7. Data Entry: Filling out forms can be repetitive and tedious. Once you have registered the client and entered client data, it saves that information allowing you to fill out forms with just a few clicks. Daycare software allows you select the form of your choice and then select from a list of clients. The software then auto -fills the information, saving you loads of time.

Investing in daycare software is a clear-cut, wise choice for daycare businesses. With the many time and money-saving features of childcare software, business administrators can become more efficient and reduce unnecessary busy work.

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