16 Highly Targeted Sources for New Clients

  1. Schools
  2. Churches
  3. Children's clothing stores
  4. Toy stores
  5. Indoor playgrounds

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Current clients
  4. Teachers
  5. Realtors – They sell homes to families
  6. Doctor and Dentist offices
  7. Libraries
  8. Video stores
  9. Hospitals (especially the pediatric ward)
  10. Newspaper ads
  11. Neighborhood association newsletter
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2 Responses to “16 Highly Targeted Sources for New Clients”

  1. When I was looking for a preschool program for my 4 year old, I asked the local elementary school what preschool program kids were coming out of who were ready for Kindergarten. If you ask the local Kindergarten teachers --they will know the high quality programs in the neighborhoods. Make sure your program is high quality and get to know your local schools. Secretaries in the front office are great to get to know since they talk to EVERYONE!

  2. This list was quite helpful in marketing my home daycare. Thanks.

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