12 Ways to Flood Your Daycare with New Clients

  1. For flyers that you post on bulletin boards, cut detachable "tabs" with your daycare's name and phone number. For a template, go to http://www.mydaycaresoftware.com/resources/fylers.php
  2. On flyers that you hand out, put a "coupon" for a discount. Here's an example: http://www.mydaycaresoftware.com/resources/flyers.php

  1. Make magnetic signs and stick them on your car. Park your car in locations with lots of parents such as schools.
  2. Buy business card magnets (available at places like Wal-Mart) and stick your business cards on them.
  3. Make t-shirts with your daycare's name, logo, and contact information on them. Give the t-shirts away to kids. You could give them away through schools, for example.
  4. Contact the local Child Care Resource and Referral office.
  5. Ask local establishments if you can place flyers inside their bathroom stalls.
  6. Send everyone in your zip code a postcard announcing a special offer at your daycare. Have them bring in the postcard to receive the discounted price.
  7. Distribute a press release detailing the latest innovations in child care, available only at your daycare. Include a special telephone number for clients to call for more information.
  8. Give a free talk or workshop at the Chamber of Commerce. Hand out problem solving brochures (such as parenting tips) with your address, phone number and a special code number for clients to use to get a discount.
  9. Take out a yellow pages ad. Include a discount offer in the ad.
  10. Become the local expert in child care by being interviewed on the radio <em>(think: "local Super Nanny")</em>. Include a special phone number for clients to call during the broadcast to get more information.
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